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Kent Nelson
Fire Prevention Specialist
Forest Protection Division
Maine Forest Service
I am the safety officer for the Maine Forest Service, Forest Protection Division. One of our Forest Rangers was recently in a serious rollover accident and only received minor injuries. I think that your canoe rack may have saved his life. I've attached a picture showing how the rack functioned as a "roll bar" and kept the roof from caving in. The driver of the truck and I are personally very grateful for the quality of your product and will continue to encourage their placement on all our Forest Ranger trucks.


August 26, 2005
Dave West
Bangor, ME
I purchased one of your truck racks for one of our fleet vehicles. The vehicle was in a serious accident and as you can see in the attached photo the rack was the only thing to survive the accident unharmed. I have since replaced the truck with a new one and have included a photo with the original truck rack mounted on it. I believe that if it wasn't for the strength of the rack the driver would have lost his life. Thank you for a quality product I will never own another truck without one of your racks on it.

Wayne York
Casco, Maine
I recently purchased a Katahdin Truck Rack through W. A. Messer in Westbrook. It was a custom model with stake pockets open. Excellent workmanship and solid as a rock. The aluminum diamond plate between the truck and the rack is a classy touch.  Best of all, it is "Made in Maine".  Many thanks!

Richard J Stevens
Indian Township U.S.A
I have been with the Passamaquoddy Warden Service for some 14 years. My choice would be Katahdin Truck Rack and its products.

Kevin Donnell
Devils Tower, Wyoming
I'll never own a truck without a Katahdin Welding Rack... get questions about where I got mine all the time! Keep up the good work Steve.

Al David
Mt. Chase, Me.
The best dam racks on the market as far as I'm concerned.